Oak Grove Smokehouse Chicken Fry

Oak Grove Smokehouse Chicken Fry

Oak Grove
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  • Oak Grove Smokehouse Chicken Fry is a specially blended combination of enriched flour and secret Cajun Creole seasonings for preparing delicious Louisiana style fried chicken right at home.
  • This blend is formulated for a crispy batter with an extra kick of spices and some heat for that famous New Orleans flavor.
  • For a thicker, crispier crust, dip first in a prepared wash of whisked eggs and milk (or buttermilk). Easy prep directions right on the bag.
  • This versatile mix also works great for battering and frying french fries, onion rings, okra, pickles and other veggies.
  • From the makers of Swamp Fire seafood boil, Oak Grove Smokehouse has been a celebrated Local brand since 1972. From Prairieville, Louisiana.