Euri Lighting EMP-1000cec-16 LED Light Engine, 5.7 Inch, Soft White

Euri Lighting EMP-1000cec-16 LED Light Engine, 5.7 Inch, Soft White

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  • [Instant Savings] See an immediate decline on your next electricity bill once you switch over to Euri's MPLRs. With an 84% decrease in energy consumption from incandescent bulbs and an estimated energy cost of $1. 92 per year, your wallet will thank you!
  • [Keep the Style You Love] Why throw away your existing decorative fixtures when you can keep the same look and upgrade to LED technology? Simple hard wiring for a hassle free and easy installation. This LED module can be mounted with center threaded screw type fixture, or directly to flat fixture bases with mounting screws. Euri MPLRs also be used to replace compact fluorescent lamps or fluorescent circline lamps. (Ballast bypass required for circline)
  • [Triac Dimming] Dim to 5% from full illumination with triac dimming capacities. Get rid of ugly hotspots in your fixture and have uniform light distribution with Euri Lightings MPLR Retrofit Kit. This LED light engine is designed to have no flicker, excellent light quality (90+ Color Rendering Index) and a high lumen output with minimal energy consumption.
  • [Multi Purpose LED Retrofit] This LED Light Engine has many different applications is can be used for as it's very versatile: Flush Mount Ceiling Fixture, Pendant Fixture, Portable Lamp Fixture, Floor Lamps (E26 adapter sold separately), and Ceiling Fan Lights.
  • [Longer Lifespan] Euri's MPLR fixtures come with an extensive 5 Year and a 50, 000 Hour Lifespan. Built to last and carrying the lighting industries highest accolades, this fixture carries Energy Star, JA8 and CEC (California Energy Commission) Certifications.